Terms and Conditions

  1. The product (hereby known as “GOODS”) is Biologically Appropriate Raw Food in both frozen and dehydrated varieties. The SERVICES offered include MARKETPLACE shopping; REWARD member benefit programs, and most importantly DELIVERY.

  2. Accepted CURRENCY is CAD dollars VIA online CREDIT and DEBIT transactions (or CASH upon pickup). Receipts are available via email.

  3. RETURN POLICY – In any instance of cause being on the end of the company (hereby known as “FAULT”) ie. Premature thawing; frost bit product (or objectively subpar); or a missed delivery without a notification inside a 24hr window of schedules, your funds will either be returned; absorbed for store credit at your request). In the event of FAULT (company liability) we will communicate with the customer/patron for their preference of monetary credit or an entire refund on the problem order.

King’s Raw does not share any personal information with third parties.