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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why feed RAW?

In short, dogs are simply not designed to “chew” and eat anything else mankind supplements and
manufactures. Their jaws were designed to tear and pull, and cannot move sideways for dry, processed food: It is simply unnatural.

To expand: Raw food speaks to the diet they have been accustomed to since their ancestral days amongst packs and wolves.

A raw diet will benefit your dog:

  • Better, odor-less breath
  • Cleaner teeth
  • Higher immunity, and resilience to alleriges
  • More stable, ideal weight/body mass
  • Less gas
  • Consistent, firm, odor-less stool
  • Healthier coat
  • Healthier skin
  • Clean, full energy

A raw diet is economical both in it’s purchase, and in the money you save not having to frequent a Vet’s office.

How do I transition my dog to Raw?

This part is based in part by common sense, and doubly on your relationship and knowledge of your dog’s behaviour!

You can do it fast, or slow.

Fast would be cold turkey, and one would advise making sure your dog is hungry before said switch.

To do this, you can (if your dog is past a year of age, or beyond the puppy stage) introduce a fastingday. This day will be cathartic in cleansing your dogs system of the old diet, and will doubly raise their food drive (inspiring them to accept what you put in the bowl as their “food”).

On that first day feeding raw, despite giving them a brick frozen would be ideal (for having them take their time during meals, and to avoid having to often handle thawed raw meat in your kitchen), you can leave the brick in your ridge over night to make it soft: Let them discover they like the meal before they work to devour it.

Slow is ideal if your puppy or dog is sensitive/still growing, you can ween them onto Raw by feeding them twice a day (once with the old regime, once with the new) and over the course of a week, draw back on the processed food until all there is, is raw.

WHAT TO EXPECT – *any* change in a diet will reflect itself in your dog’s energy and their stool.
After a couple weeks, any softness or diarrhea should be gone, and you’ll benefit from healthy stool to be expected from a raw fed animal

If the dog ignores their bowl of new food: Take it away, bring it back after 30 minutes, and repeat this pattern until they eat. They-will-eat! Worry not!

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