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100% pure green pastured lamb tripe, no GMO or antibiotics; double ground

Organic liquid chlorophyll

Nutritional Analysis:

Moisture: 82.6%

Fat: 11.5%

Protein: 12.7%

Fibre: 0.00%

Green tripe (stomach lining) is an excellent source of probiotics, digestive enzymes and other essential minerals. It is a “super food” meaning, it is highly nutritious and ideal as a transitioning-to-raw-booster or as an added supplementary protein for expecting or whelping mothers. It can also be added as a supplementary protein to your pet’s normal diet because 70% of this protein has a number of amino acids, which perform essential functions in your pet’s body such as building muscle, boosting the immune system and repairing the tissues of the urinary tract.

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