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Colloidal silver was invented in the 1890’s, it is a liquid antibiotic, anti-viral and anti-fungal that has regained popularity for its connection with treating and preventing an assortment of conditions in both humans and animals. Colloidal silver, as opposed to the plain silver we are familiar with, means that submicroscopic silver particles are suspended in demineralized water.

Because the silver particles are so tiny, they are thought to penetrate cells and kill pathogens.

Colloidal Silver is sensitive to light and will lose its most-important positive electrical charge if exposed to light over time, therefore we have packaged our King’s Colloidal Silver in amber bottles to preserve the integrity of the silver particles. This photo reactivity occurs once colloidal silver is produced.

Do not refrigerate! Our high quality King’s Colloidal Silver will keep for months possibly years when kept in a cool dry place like your medicine cabinet.

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