About King's Raw

At King’s Raw we are guided by the philosophy that your pets deserve to eat food products that reflect nature’s intention; a balanced diet derived from quality meat that is free of hormones, additives and preservatives. All of our meat is proudly grown locally by Ontario farmers and inspected to meet human-grade standards. We believe that a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (B.A.R.F) diet should be a readily available option for all pets and pet owners; this is why we have made it our mission to make this possible by offering our quality product at an exceptionally low cost.

We love our dog King so much that after extensively researching the negative health effects of the additives, grains and glutens found in many commercial pet foods, we saw no better option than to transition him to a B.A.R.F diet. We noticed a complete, healthy transformation in his focus, teeth, breath, coat and overall mental and physical hygiene. Today, King is a happy, healthy, vibrant dog and we at King’s Raw are not only committed to sharing the benefits of a B.A.R.F diet with other pet owners but also to making raw food accessible to everyone so that other dogs and cats may have healthy, fulfilling lives just like King.

We are passionate about feeding our dogs a healthy, safe, and balanced diet, and we look forward to helping you to do the same. We deeply appreciate your efforts in seeking the optimum healthy diet for your pet and guarantee that your transition to King’s Raw will be rewarding for both you and your adored pets!

Frequently asked questions

Why feed RAW?

In short, dogs are simply not designed to “chew” and eat anything else mankind supplements and manufactures. Their jaws were designed to tear and pull, and cannot move sideways for dry, processed food: It is simply unnatural.

To expand: Raw food speaks to the diet they have been accustomed to since their ancestral days amongst packs and wolves. 

A raw diet will benefit your dog:

  • Better, odourless breath
  • Cleaner teeth
  • Higher immunity, and resilience to allergies
  • More stable, ideal weight/body mass
  • Less gas
  • Consistent, firm, odourless stool
  • Healthier coat
  • Healthier skin
  • Clean, full energy

A raw diet is economical both in it’s purchase, and in the money you save not having to frequent a Vet’s office.

How do I transition my dog to RAW?

This part is based in part by common sense, and doubly on your relationship and knowledge of your dog’s behaviour!

You can do it fast, or slow.

Fast would be cold turkey, and one would advise making sure your dog is hungry before said switch.

To do this, you can (if your dog is past a year of age, or beyond the puppy stage) introduce a fastingday. This day will be cathartic in cleansing your dogs system of the old diet, and will doubly raise their food drive (inspiring them to accept what you put in the bowl as their “food”).

On that first day feeding raw, despite giving them a brick frozen would be ideal (for having them take their time during meals, and to avoid having to often handle thawed raw meat in your kitchen), you can leave the brick in your ridge over night to make it soft: Let them discover they like the meal before they work to devour it.

Slow is ideal if your puppy or dog is sensitive/still growing, you can ween them onto Raw by feeding them twice a day (once with the old regime, once with the new) and over the course of a week, draw back on the processed food until all there is, is raw.

What to expect:

*Any* change in a diet will reflect itself in your dog’s energy and their stool.
After a couple weeks, any softness or diarrhea should be gone, and you’ll benefit from healthy stool to be expected from a raw fed animal

If the dog ignores their bowl of new food: Take it away, bring it back after 30 minutes, and repeat this pattern until they eat. They-will-eat! Worry not!

What is B.A.R.F?

The best food that you can feed your pet! B.A.R.F. is an acronym that means Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. It is a complete and carefully balanced blend of raw meat, organs and bone. Our formula mimics what nature has designed our dogs to thrive on in the wild. The result is a pet free of allergies, digestive problems, and full of life.

Do you offer delivery and pickup options?

Yes we do! We offer delivery to customers located within 100 km of our factory location and also local pickup options for customers that don’t fall within our delivery areas. Check our “Delivery and Pickup Info” section for more information.

why are we better than the rest?

  • We source our meats from federally incorporated facilities and local farms, all of which are human grade.
  • We offer complete balanced meals packaged in convenient half pound patties.
  • Each of our patties are unique because they are individually molded and hand-pressed.
  • Our patties are ground twice to make them easier for smaller dogs, and offer a puppy mix made for very small dogs (under 20lbs)
  • Our Puppy Mix (link to product) was engineered for puppies 3.5 weeks and older. We’ve ground our chicken mix one more time to make the bones smaller and more suitable for puppies and very small dogs and cats.
  • We offer multiple raw meal options.
  • We do not add preservatives, fillers or artificial flavours.
  • We are affordable. We source locally, process, package and ship directly from our manufacturing facility and can therefore provide a high quality raw diet at an affordable price.
So, why feed raw? …Why not? It’s only natural!